Free Consultation

The First Step Toward A Stunning Smile

Choosing dental implants for your replacement teeth offers numerous advantages of health, comfort, and maintenance. Dental implants are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment and for permanent replacement teeth. You need an implant team with a high level of skill and experience to help you determine which replacement option is right for you.

Schedule your free dental implant consultation with our team of dental implant experts and expect the following:

  • Tour of our state of the art facility
  • Meeting to discuss your personalized “Smile Design” goals
  • Free evaluation and 3-D scan ($500 value that others charge for)
  • Meeting with our restorative dentist

What to Expect from Your Free Dental Implant Consultation

The experts at Insero Las Vegas and Insero Henderson have placed over 3,000 arches with the implant supported dentures and the “Teeth-In-A-Day” technique. Each procedure was as unique as the patient whose smile was transformed by it. To schedule your free dental implant consultation and learn which implant procedure is right for you, scroll down the page to our patient contact form below or click here for contact information for the Insero location closest to you.


We are proud of our state of the art facility and invite you to take a tour. We feel it reflects our commitment to your health and to your enjoyment of your visit. From the comfortable chairs in our stylishly appointed lobby to the innovative computer assisted surgery software that ensures ideal placement of your dental implants, every inch of this facility was designed with you in mind.


Your doctor will evaluate your oral health and review your dental and medical history with you. A digital reconstruction of your mouth and jaw will be obtained using the Planmeca 3-D Imaging System. A safer, faster, more comfortable version of x-rays, Cone Beam technology scans your mouth in 20 to 30 seconds, producing an accurate, comprehensive 3-D representation.

Discuss Your Goals

Meet with our dental implant experts to discuss what you hope to achieve with your replacement teeth. This is an excellent time to ask questions about various implant restoration methods and voice any concerns you may have. Your doctor will walk you through our process for implantation of replacement teeth, from start to finish.

Meet with the Dentist

You will be introduced to your dental implant team, including the oral surgeon and cosmetic dentist who will work together on your treatment. Meeting the key members of our implant team is critical for you to feel confident that you have chosen the best team to perform your smile makeover.