If You Need Dental Implants, Why Not Try Our Smile-Cation?

What is a Smile-Cation?  Imagine that you tell your friends or family that you are going away for a short vacation to fabulous Las Vegas and the next time they see you, you greet them with your fantastic new smile.  Wouldn’t that be just an incredible feeling?  Do you think that’s just a dream?  At Insero, we can make that dream a reality for you. Insero Dental Implants is located in beautiful Las Vegas just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, and is the premium destination for the proven All-On-4TM or Teeth-In-A-DayTM procedure.

Our office is dedicated to assisting our out of town guests so that they will have the best experience possible. We have patients from all over country come to visit our office for the All-On-4TM or Teeth-In-A-DayTM procedure. Three of the top Board Certified Oral Surgeons in the country who have done over 1500 of these cases. How do we know that they are the best in the business? Because when other dentists or doctors in Nevada and around the country need their dental implant surgery, they come to see our doctors to have their procedures done. Our offices and staff are specifically set up for the “guided-smile” technique and All-On-4TM procedure. We have the latest CT 3D X-Rays that are a must for any dental implant procedure. We also use advanced simulation software for precise dental implant planning and placement. 

With so many factors involved with traveling and destination surgery, our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you by providing assistance every step of the way. At Insero, we will set you up with a complimentary three nights stay at the luxurious Caesars Palace Hotel and Casinoprovide you with free ground transportation to one of our two local offices and a free Las Vegas show for two to boot. Our goal is to make this process as simple and easy for you as possible by providing everything from information on your procedure to what the weather is going to be like during your stay.

At Insero, when you take your Smile-Cation with us, you leave the details and worries to us and we’ll get you that great looking smile you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t think it was possible.